• The Largest Data Analytics in the World
    • Collects 600,000 local data from 190 countries
    • Collects 550 million endpoints, user data
    • Collects 12 billion real time transaction
    • Collects data through more than 200 global partners activities
  • Real-time Analyzing based on Secured Detection Technology
    • Real-time data analytics with cyclic patterns detection technology
    • Analyze security information in real-time with Global View
  • Flexible Deployment based on Global Infrastructure
    • Scalable global cloud-based structure
    • Operates 19 data centers including EMEA, APAC, and the United States according to the regional needs
    • Flexibility to adapt to any device from any country
  • References
    • Customers: Google, Microsoft, Intel Security
    • Secured reputation around the world


Cyber Security Solutions